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About Zsolnay

Eastern Europe possesses a history all its own, born of the depths of the forest and filled with rich imagery and symbology. This visual tradition comes to light in the works of Zsolnay, a Hungarian manufacturer of porcelain, tiles, and stoneware. The company is responsible for several advanced glazing processes, and employs durable and beautiful materials throughout its catalog. Vintage Zsolnay pieces date back to the 19th century, when Vilmos Zsolnay brought the factory fame and fortune. Today, his designs often fetch hefty prices on the collectors market, prized for their incredible detail and unique design. Many Zsolnay pieces are filled with naturalistic imagery that resonates with the Hungarian people, beautiful flowers and forest leaves portrayed with accuracy and honesty. Modern pieces often challenge spatial conceptions, achieving aesthetic perfection in complex ways. You can find an impressive range of Zsolnay pottery and other items in the vast inventory on eBay, where everything from Zsolnay vases to small flasks can be found. Zsolnay continues to produce fine tiles and other products today, in the tradition of the craftsman Vilmos.