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About ZR1 Wheels

There are many accessories available for cars and trucks, and some are more prominent than others. ZR1 wheels are just one option for enhancing your everyday or occasional ride. The wheels are available in 17-inch to 20-inch sizes. This allows you to find the right fit for your car. They also come constructed from a large array of materials ranging from aluminum to chrome. You are not limited to plain silver, as some are finished with black or two-tone designs, such as silver with red accents. They also come designed to fit specific models of vehicles. For example, you can find C4 ZR1 wheels and C6 ZR1 wheels. The wheels come in a wide array of designs such as semi-tangent and radial. There are also exciting designs like wheels with light up spoke patterns. Often times, sets of four are available, but it is possible to find a solo one, or sets of two depending on your needs. With a large inventory of ZR1 wheels on eBay, you can show off your car again.