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About Zorro Costumes

He rides through the village in the dark of night, righting wrongs and rescuing beautiful damsels, leaving only a flaming Z as his calling card. Celebrate this legendary hero with a Zorro costume. The black cape and facemask, worn with a black pirate-style shirt is mysterious and striking. Kids' Zorro costumes often include black pants, boot covers, and a foam sword. Some costumes also include a black hat and red sash for accessories. Costumes for toddlers include a black jumpsuit with the letter Z on the front and a cape attached to the back. Moms and dads can get in on the fun with adult costumes to carry on the theme. A women's Zorro costume recalls the popular character seen in films. A two-piece costume features a long black skirt with a red sash and a red and black corset-style top. The additional cape, facemask, and wide-brim hat complete the look. Other variations consist of a Mexican style red or black dress with lace stockings and a cape. Find a Zorro costume for yourself or a family member from the large inventory offered by sellers on eBay. Dress up, save the day, and practice your fencing skills.