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About Zippo Slim

As the last match in the box sputters out in an unexpected gust of wind before you light your cigarette, you wish that you had a reliable lighter that will always work. Determined that you will always be able to strike a light, you take a look at the huge range of Zippo Slim lighters that are available on eBay. Guaranteed to light even in a stiff wind, the ultra-slim lighter from Zippo is small and elegant and can even be refilled so that you will never have to worry about finding a light again. Zippo offers a great range of designs from the classic chrome Zippo Slim to the ornately engraved Zippo Slim Venetian. The one that really catches your eye is the Zippo Slim Black Ice model with an attractive, understated black finish. Impressed with the quality American craftsmanship, you know that you will never have to deal with the frustration of watching your last match blow out before you use it ever again.