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About Zippos

Click, click, foosh. That’s the sound your dad’s old zippo lighter used to make. You remember it vividly, with the stainless steel case and the Marlboro name on the side. In the business since the 1930s, the Zippo brand of lighters may be the most recognizable. Their unique flip-top design and metal construction make them unlike any other. Not just a pretty interior, these lighters offer a wind-resistant flame and heavy-duty construction, and you can also refill them, providing years of use. Lovers of the old school enjoy the Zippo vintage lighters, like the 1937 Windy lighter. Others prefer a more modern look, such as the Joe Camel Zippo or the flat black Zippo. Regardless of your taste, you can locate these lighters and more from the reliable sellers on eBay. Multiple lighters in your collection would offer variety while a whole lot creates the perfect opportunity to give the lighters as gifts.