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About Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe's patchwork financial history means that its coins and currency are presently of little value, except to collectors who enjoy such interesting pieces. The Zimbabwe dollar, first introduced in 1980, trended downward until the government dropped it in 2009 due to dramatic inflation. Although Zimbabwe now uses other currencies, such as South African rand or US dollars, eBay's trusted sellers still have Zimbabwe currency available for collection purposes. These colorful bills, released in a rainbow of pinks, mint greens, pale blues, and purples, make great display items. You can even obtain a Zimbabwe billion bank note to show off to guests. Or look for a bill from 1980 bearing ZWD, the original ISO 4217 code from the first printed batch. Buy them singly, in packs of 10, or in stacks of mixed notes. A few genuine trillion-dollar bills framed on your wall are sure to turn heads, generate laughs, and possibly start some fascinating conversations.