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About Zildjian Constantinople Cymbals

As the flagship of a company dating all the way back to the early 17th century that began with an Armenian alchemist and his secret metal alloy, it comes as no surprise that the Zildjian Constantinople brand has acquired somewhat of a mythical status. The incomparable instruments of Avedis Zildjian I so deeply impressed the sultan that he was invited not only to equip the entirety of the royal but to take residence in Topkapi Palace while doing so. From there, Avedis moved out to a suburb of Constantinople to establish a business that has since been passed down through 15 generations. Now based in Massachusetts, the family continues to manufacture Zildjian Constantinople cymbals for royalty, albeit now of the musical variety. It is impossible to imagine an Aerosmith power ballad without the signature punctuation of Joey Kramer's Zildjian Constantinople Crash cymbal, and where would jazz legends such as Count Basie and Ella Fitzgerald be without the smooth rides provided by Butch Miles via his Zildjian Constantinople Hi Hat? Reliable sellers on eBay offer Zildjian Constantinople cymbals both new and used, so you will be covered whether you are playing in a sold-out arena or simply your garage.

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