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About Zildjian China

Some grooves call for a particular accent that no other instrument but a China cymbal can make. With a Zildjian China cymbal, world-class craftsmanship and century-old technique combine to let you put an explosive, crisp exclamation point in any jam session. A Zildjian A Custom China is a great addition for almost any type of drummer, whether you play mostly funk, rock, or pop, as it provides a quick China attack but with all the mystical grandeur of the A Custom line. The 20-inch A Custom produces a high volume that will cut though all the music to produce a sound similar to a gong, lending a majestic Eastern tone to your sound. For a trashier sound that is still bright, the Zildjian ZBT China brings as much volume as other Zildjian cymbals with a distinctly metallic ring. Whether you want a quick, splashy China or an intimidating, majestic sound, the large selection of Zildjian China cymbals on eBay will let you find the right fit.

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