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About Zenith Watch

Zenith watches have really changed from 1865, when the company began. The function, style, and design might be different, but the quality remains just as Georges Favre-Jacot envisioned when he founded the company at the age of 22. Although they are no longer produced, a Zenith pocket watch found on the market today could have been made more than 140 years ago and still be working. Finding one of these rare timepieces can be time-consuming. However, several reliable sellers on eBay offer these watches and many other Zenith products in new, used, and refurbished conditions. Also available is the Zenith Port Royal watch. It features a Calibre 2572PC movement, is water-resistant, and has anti-reflection properties in the domed sapphire glass so you can see your watch face at all times. With convenient shipping options, you can find the Zenith watch you are looking for, with the benefit of never having to leave home.