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About Zenith Radios

Waltzing while you wash the dishes, disco dancing while you dust, swinging while you sweep, all these moves are possible if you have a Zenith radio in your kitchen. Turn it on and turn any chore into the chance to have a bit of fun and get a little more active. Ralph Matthews and Karl Hassel founded Zenith Electronics in 1918, and the name became synonymous with quality. When you buy a Zenith portable radio for your home, you know you are purchasing a trusted brand with a wealth of history. One of the perks of the company's long history is that you can find a vintage Zenith radio that is the ultimate in retro cool. A 1939 grill tube radio has the perfect diner vibe that looks great in a retro kitchen, while a 1940s freestanding console radio looks fantastic in your entrance hall next to your oak sideboard and polished wood balustrades. Whatever your personal taste, you can rely on the sellers on eBay to have the perfect Zenith radio for your needs. Once you have that radio in your kitchen, be sure to do the mashed potato while you mash some potatoes.

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