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About Zenith

As a young boy, you spent a long summer with your grandfather who had an impressive watch collection. At the end of the holiday, you had learned a lot about Swiss watches, especially one particular Zenith watch that has been in your family for three generations. It was a pocket watch passed down son to son. You can find a Zenith pocket watch for yourself on eBay and start your own tradition. You can even establish a women's watch as an heirloom for the daughters in your family. Besides vintage pocket watches, there is also a wide selection of super-luxe, limited edition Zenith wristwatches offered by reliable sellers. For something truly remarkable, get the Zenith El Primero. Each El Primero watch is made from 18 types of metals and takes nine months to complete. If your offspring are not impressed by those facts, then you can tell them that Felix Baumgartner wore one to the edge of space as he broke the sound barrier.