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About Zelda Poster

Loved by gamers of all ages, "The Legend of Zelda" action-adventure and RPG game series has captivated children and adults since its release on the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1988. Celebrate your love for Link, Princess Zelda, Midna, and many other characters who make an appearance in this classic game with a Zelda poster. If you want a poster that encompasses all of the characters, all the way from "The Legend of Zelda" to "Skyward Sword," a 25th anniversary-edition fabric poster that features high color saturation and high-quality silk cloth is the perfect choice for any Zelda fan. If you love exploring the amazing world of Hyrule in "The Ocarina of Time," a 3D-style paper poster might be perfect for you. It features both young and adult Link, Zelda, Epona, Impa, Ganon, and other characters with a castle backdrop. If you prefer the cute, cartoony look of Link in "The Wind Waker," a brightly colored paper poster of Link and other characters from the game is a great addition to any room. You can be sure to find the perfect Zelda poster for your bedroom or rec room in the vast inventory on eBay.