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A spring day, sunny and breezy, awaits as you strap on your helmet and join your bike club friends for a day's ride out to the country, away from the traffic and bustle of the city, where you forget your worries as you climb a shady mountain trail deep in the woods. Then you realize your bike has a slow-leaking tire, but that is no problem since you have come fully prepared with your Zefal bike accessories. The Zefal pump is handy, small and light enough that you can take it along on road trips. The Zefal pump works with Presta valves for most mountain bikes or Schrader valves for road bikes. Since it is getting dark, the Zefal light will certainly come in handy. The light mounts easily, and the front LED light provides light up to 30 hours, and the red rear light has multiple flashing settings or use a constant beam to let drivers know you and your bike are sharing the road with them. Explore the huge selection of Zefal bike accessories available on eBay and make the most of your next road trip.