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Sexy, strappy, and stylish: all for your feet. Sandals from Zara are trendy and eye-catching with bold designs and alluring colors that any trendy woman would want on her toes. Discover the pair your feet would walk miles for, and then hunt for an outfit with matching Zara-esque pizazz.

About Zara Sandals

Spain is all about passion, so it's no surprise that it's home to the sleek and sexy clothing brand Zara, which offers a variety of clothing for men and women, including sandals. Zara sandals range in style from heeled and strappy to flat and plain, with some flashy-fancy and others simple-chic. If you're looking for a sultry new sandal or high heel to wear, then opt for a Zara ankle strap sandal with fiery red accents and a suede strip that hugs your ankle. Those who want to resist the height can opt for a flat sandal from Zara, with saucy leopard print straps or snazzy silver thongs. Be stylish and self-assured with wraparound leather slingbacks in camel, or draw eyes down to your toes with nude pink flats that have a bold gold detail on top. With so many Zara strap sandals to choose from, the wardrobe possibilities are endless. Find a flawless pair of Zara sandals on eBay, and get ready to strut your stuff from here to Spain.