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About Zack Ryder

Nobody has used YouTube and other forms of social media to his advantage more than the WWE star Zack Ryder. Also known as the Long Island Loudmouth, the charismatic character took to YouTube and Twitter to increase his visibility and build up his fan base so his career could take off. With his popular and hilarious web series "Z! True Long Island Story," Zack piqued interest and helped himself become an Internet celebrity as well as a recognizable wrestler. For fans of Zack, there are plenty of ways to show support for the superstar, including buying a Zack Ryder shirt from one of eBay’s trusted sellers. Collectible figures are fun to purchase, so add an official WWE Zack Ryder action figure to your collection of WWE memorabilia. Now that Zack has mastered the media, the feisty fighter has released a pop music single. What can't Zack Ryder do? If you consider yourself a "Broski" and find yourself wishing you could perfect the "Zack Attack," then you will enjoy one of sport's most influential social media figures.