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About Z Coil Shoes

Put a spring in your step with Z-CoiL shoes on your feet. The unique design of these shoes incorporates a large spring in the heel to help relieve stress on the foot by reducing the impact of each step. It may be odd to see these spring-heeled shoes in the large inventory on eBay, but they may just make it a little easier to get around every day. The spring in the heel acts as a shock absorber, while a built-in orthotic helps to support and stabilize the bottom of your feet. You can find walking shoes, boots, or mule shoes in men's and women's styles for all areas of life. Look out for a classic pair of non-slip black Z-Force boots that have the spring carefully concealed inside of a flexible heel. Wear these hidden coils without anyone knowing what is inside. If you want to show off your unique pair of footwear, turn to the Sidewinder sandal with hook-and-loop straps so you can wear it to the beach or on the boardwalk. Relieve the pain of walking with the impact-resistant support of Z-CoiL shoes.

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