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About Yzerman

He shoots! He scores! Goal! Steve Yzerman retired from professional hockey as the sixth all-time leading scorer in NHL history. He was also the longest-running team captain in sports history because of the 20 years he served as captain of the Detroit Red Wings. During his career, he led his team to five first-place league finishes and three Stanley Cup championships. Arguably one of the most popular players in the NHL, his fans covet any Yzerman-related memorabilia they can get their hands on. An Yzerman Jersey, featuring the Red Wings logo and the number 19 with a red C denoting his captain position hangs proudly in garages around America. Add to your impressive collection with an autographed Yzerman stick or a used stick from one of his games. To add a little humor to your collection, choose an Yzerman bobblehead. A wide selection of new and gently used Yzerman jerseys, shirts, and other items are available on eBay. Celebrate one of the NHL's finest players and get your game on with Steve Yzerman gear.