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About YZ 125s

The world of motocross racing craves consistency, because there is no worse feeling than being out of commission when it comes time for your next heat. The Yamaha YZ125 is a trusted dirt bike that consistently delivers, and it has been exceeding expectations since 1974. The YZ125 engine is at the heart of the bike's success. The 124 cc, water-cooled, two-stroke engine is truly a brick. Not only does it deliver a responsive 33 horsepower, it is designed for marathon series of races, outlasting its competitors. For these reasons and more, it is the choice of most riders looking for a bike that is both lightweight and powerful. The hefty cousin of the YZ125 dirt bike, the Yamaha YZ250F, delivers a different perspective on racing, but it is contained on the same frame as the smaller Yamaha. In fact, they are both certified to be raced in the same class. The 250 is preferred, at times, for longer races because of its broader power band. The 125, on the other hand, is a must if you require instant acceleration. The YZ125, along with many parts and accessories, is available in the vast inventory on eBay.