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About Yudu

You probably have at least one T-shirt in your attic that you made when you were a kid. Though iron-on designs may have been the best way to create custom clothing years ago, now, we have Yudu. What in the world is a Yudu, you might ask? It is a screen-printing machine that allows you to make professional quality, personalized shirts at home. These are useful for corporations, sports teams, family reunions, or simply for fun. If you are interested in creating your very own shirt designs, pick up a Yudu and other accessories like Yudu ink on eBay from a reliable seller. With it, you can make shirts for every occasion, to give as gifts, or to promote your business. Slightly more professional than iron-on letters but still a great deal of fun, investing in a Yudu screen-printing machine is a solid choice if you make a living designing shirts or frequently use shirts for marketing or promoting purposes. And yes, you can always put your name on the back, just like you did when you were a kid.