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About YSL T-Shirt

Designer clothing is not just for fancy formals and special events. YSL T-shirts are for those days when you want to wear something ultra-casual yet stylish. Yves Saint Laurent was the first couture house to introduce luxury ready-to-wear clothing in 1966, and there is nothing that is more ready to wear than a T-shirt. YSL T-shirts have the classic, interlinked initials dominating the front of the garment. The letterforms blend harmoniously to create a logo that is part of fashion history. Cotton men's YSL T-shirts come with a ribbed collar, and some feature exclusive designs from artists that maintain the iconic YSL lettering but put a spin on it, for example, by using a tree to represent the "Y" or a snake to represent the "S." If you want to be a little more subtle with your brand labels but still want a striking top, then there are tiger and leopard print logo shirts in black and white. For a designer look that is effortlessly casual, search on eBay for men's and women's YSL T-shirts in a range of sizes and styles.