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About YoYos

Most people at one time or another hear the sentiment that things get better with age. While this is not always the case with everything, it is undoubtedly the case with classic toys like the yoyo. Many people from all walks of life and in almost every age category know how to play with a yoyo, and quite a few people probably even have a few tricks up their sleeve to show off while using it. From time to time, you can still find a few classic Duncan yoyos around, like the Duncan Butterfly or the Duncan Imperial, but as the years pass they get harder to locate. The metal yoyo is also a popular item people seek with the Duncan Metal Drifter yoyo being one of the very popular collectible yoyos. If you have a hard time finding a particular yoyo, you may want to check out the vintage and refurbished yoyos, available from reputable sellers on eBay. These classic toys make a great gift for kids and adults alike.

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