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About Yorkville - Pro Audio Equipment

Your band's hard work playing gigs all over the country has finally paid off, and you have one concert left to wow the executives at the record label. To help with this make or break moment on your way to stardom, you should get a set of Yorkville speakers. Unlike the midrange speakers that can barely keep up with the small crowds at your past performances, this professional sound equipment is just right for a rock concert. For full range loudspeakers and high-fidelity sound, get a set of Yorkville Elite speakers. While an Elite speaker employs a single driver, a Yorkville Unity has a conical horn equipped with mid- and high-frequency drivers. The result is a richer range of sound. Ready to leave your small-town band image behind and join the big league? You can find the full range of Yorkville passive and powered loudspeakers and subwoofers among the wide selection of professional audio equipment offered by reliable sellers on eBay.