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About Yoga Mats

You are halfway through your yoga class, but you find yourself having trouble concentrating on perfecting your plow pose, because all you can think about is how hard the floor is under your shoulders. That is why having the right yoga mat is a must. Whether a beginner or an expert, anyone who practices yoga needs a mat for padding, support, protection, and stability. A mat will also help provide a non-slippery surface if you happen to sweat or have damp feet during class. There are several types of mats to choose from. A Maduka yoga mat features denser, thicker cushioning and a superior, fabric-like finish that is non-slip. This is a great mat to use if you practice hot yoga. For everyday yoga use, a Gaiam yoga mat would serve well. They are lightweight, textured, and non-slip. These PVC mats are also eco-friendly. No matter what style or brand you are considering, you are sure to find a great selection of yoga mats offered from reliable sellers on eBay. Once you have the right mat, you can go back to concentrating on perfecting your poses and not worrying about the hardness of the floor.