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About Yaskawa

It is amazing how such tiny parts can have such a big impact. Yaskawa servo motors help control a number of machines. When you need to rely on a system that offers flexible controls for electronic gearing and coordinated motion, choose a Yaskawa servo. Their linear servo motors feature a plug and play connection with Yaskawa amplifiers that use automatic motor recognition and serial encoder technology. A Yaskawa servo motor transmits position information to the amplifier to allow for full error checking. Designed with all-digital feedback, the amplifier automatically recognizes the motor and adjusts it to the optimal settings. Ranging in size from ultra-small, small, medium, and large, rotary servo motors provide low to medium inertia so you can choose the exact servo to meet your needs. Find a new or used Yaskawa device in the large selection on eBay. Maximize your production output and get your machines running smoothly.