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About Yanagisawa

Are you looking for a special saxophone to take your music to the next level? Consider a Yanagisawa Saxophone. In production in Japan since 1893, these saxophones are known for their handcrafted, artesian quality. Yanagisawa saxophones are available in alto, tenor, baritone, and soprano. The Yanagisawa A991 features an octave key axis that is coated on both ends, and white indented shell keys allow players fingers to rest comfortably while providing a beautiful visual accent to the instrument. A key part to making your saxophone truly your own is finding the right Yanagisawa mouthpiece. These mouthpieces are available in hard rubber with round chambers or silver-plated brass with square chambers. All mouthpieces are available with a number of different tip openings. Whether you are looking for a complete instrument, a strap, a case, or a mouthpiece, reliable sellers on eBay offer a large inventory of Yanagisawa saxophones and related products. Convenient shipping options will ensure delivery of your product right to your door, giving you more time to make music.