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About Yamaha Zumas

"Zoom zoom," you sing, voicing the words to the hit soundtrack from "Only the Strong" as you head out the driveway on your Yamaha Zuma. The Zuma is a small scooter with a casual look, thanks to its upright riding position and large front headlights, giving it a soft and welcoming look. Despite its cute exterior, this bike has plenty of bark. It boasts a powerful four-stroke engine with three cylinders and a liquid cooling system, which is the same engineering configuration that you find on large motorcycles. The Yamaha Zuma offers plenty of zip and makes riding easy with an automatic transmission system. An electrical starter lets you jump on and go in a hurry. Independent front and rear suspensions contain hydraulic pipes, making these bikes more efficient and letting you enjoy a smooth ride, arriving at school or work with your hair and teeth still intact. Yamaha Zuma scooters feature a surprisingly large seat, which comes in an ergonomic design to relieve pressure in the saddle area. To find a scooter, check out the large inventory on eBay, where you can find these bikes, along with all of the parts and accessories you need, such as Yamaha Zuma mirrors, performance kits, fenders, and more.