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About Yamaha XS

Desirable, distinctive, and durable, the Yamaha XS series of bikes was first introduced by the popular Japanese manufacturer in 1968. The first model in the pioneering range was the Yamaha XS650 motorcycle, and at the time of its release, it was hailed as a marvel of engineering. With an impressive power-to-weight ratio, the unique 654cc twin engine was one of the most advanced on the market, operating off a single overhead camshaft rather than a pushrod valve. Later models of the Yamaha XS were further improved with the introduction of lightened pistons made from aluminum rather than steel. Smaller varieties of the Yamaha XS include the XS 400, which was released in 1982, and the XS 500, a similar but lighter-weight version of the XS650 with the same celebrated twin cylinder engine. While most models of the Yamaha XS were supplied unfaired, consumers can buy Yamaha XS fairing separately for fitting at home, perfect for minimizing wind resistance while out on the road. Whether you are an existing owner of a Yamaha XS machine looking for parts and spares, or wish to buy a complete new or used bike, you are sure to find a huge selection from reliable sellers on eBay.