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About Yamaha XLT 1200

Some people swear by the allure of the open road, but for you it is the sight and sound of the open water. It doesn't matter whether it is salty or fresh; you've ridden over it enjoying the spray kicked up behind you by your Yamaha XLT 1200. What makes things all the more tragic that it just seemed to stop working on you one day. After a bit of trial and error and a few opinions later, you're pretty sure you know what you need to fix, but finding a spare XLT 1200 piston has proven more of a problem than you thought. Fortunately, eBay's reliable sellers have a wide selection of them available both practically new and refurbished. Plenty of people have had the same problem keeping their jet ski in working order. Find multiple examples of a complete XLT 1200 engine available for browsing in the event that the reliability of your XLT's two-stroke engine finally failed entirely. This allows you to fix it and get back out on the water with just the water and sky for company...and maybe one or two more people, as well. After all, that Yamaha XLT 1200 seats three people, but do you really want to share?