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About Yamaha XJ600 Bikes & Parts

Newer may be better, but the bikes that broke ground and set the stage for the monsters of today are still significant. The Yamaha XJ600 motorcycle, also known as the FJ600, resembles any typical lightweight universal Japanese motorcycle, but when it first appeared on the market in 1984, the bike offered riders one significant change: an inline four, 600cc engine. This, combined with its mono shock rear suspension system, made the Yamaha XJ600 bike groundbreaking for its time and ushered in an era of 600cc super-sport bikes that riders still covet today. The last XJ600s rolled off the line in 1991, and the limited supply makes them valuable collector's items and fun for rebuilds. Find the parts you need to fix up this bike, from Yamaha XJ600 exhaust systems to ignition switches, by searching the large inventory of new and vintage motorcycle parts on eBay. When you own a part of motorcycle history, you can enjoy the legend of sport biking in a whole new way.