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About Yamaha Warrior 350

That sputtering noise you hear every time you start up your Yamaha Warrior 350 is the sound of a hardy ATV that refuses to die on you. The Warrior 350 enjoyed a production run lasting almost two decades and did not see a major redesign because Yamaha got it right the first time. To cure your long-running quad of its ear-splitting cough, you need to replace its Yamaha Warrior 350 stator. For a durable stator, get one with high-grade lead wires as well as chafe-resistant and heat-resistant insulation and seals. This is also the best time to get a replacement Yamaha Warrior 350 engine. This quad bike uses a 348 cc SOHC engine matched to a six-speed manual transmission. The combination delivers enough power and excellent handling to make the Warrior 350 a thrill to ride. Keeping the same bike design means that parts and accessories are widely available and affordable. Therefore, you can find a wide selection of replacement parts for your Yamaha Warrior 350 in the large inventory on eBay.

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