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About Yamaha Virago 750

Few feelings match the simple freedom offered by a motorcycle. The Yamaha Virago 750 is one such vehicle, capable of transporting the rider out of the daily grind of work and home and into a transcendent space full of wind and asphalt. The Virago 750 represents Yamaha's first entry into the V-twin cruiser motorcycle line, and enjoys much owner loyalty. The 750 has a reputation for its relatively large body, which makes it amenable to long drives and road trips across thousands of miles in length. The Virago 750 can reach up to 110 miles per hour. Horsepower ratings for the 75-degree V-twin motor come in at 55 horsepower. The transmission, a five-speed manual, is smooth as butter, seamlessly shifting through gears as the bike starts to roar down the highway. The Yamaha Virago 750 battery is reliable and easy to replace. You can find plenty of fully functional bikes as well as necessary additions like a Yamaha Virago 750 side cover as part of the vast inventory on eBay. The Yamaha Virago 750 remains a favorite cruiser bike for many motorcycle lovers.