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About Yamaha Viper

Imagine you are spending an idyllic week in the mountains and you find yourself in whiteout conditions, where snowfall amount reaches double figures and white, powdery snow covers everywhere you see. With a quality snowmobile like the Yamaha Viper, traversing across the snow-laden hills and plains is something you can do with ease, whether out of necessity or for fun. This Yamaha snowmobile features one of the most powerful engines in the business, the Genesis 4-stroke engine, a 1049-cubic centimeter, three-cylinder, 135-horsepower engine capable of reaching speeds of up to 100 miles per hour or more. When stopping becomes a necessity, the race-inspired, driveshaft-mounted Hayes braking system has that more than covered. Comfort is also a top concern with Yamaha, and the Viper delivers with a sculpted seat offering both a tailored fit and plush comfort. For ease of use, Viper also has easy-to-read digital gauges and a simple, push-button reverse to help you get out of difficult situations. Similar to a boat, snowmobile engines are best with a low amount of hours on them. When it comes time to replace the motor on your snowmobile, you can find a replacement Yamaha Viper engine simply by scanning through the large inventory on eBay. Whether you use it strictly for recreational use or need a dependable snowmobile for getting around in snow-covered terrain, the Yamaha Viper delivers in every situation.