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About Yamaha V Stars

As far as motorcycles go, the Yamaha V Star is in a class of its own. The 1300 boasts 80-inch, V-twin steel fenders and a flangeless fuel tank. The sleek design of the bike is sure to turn heads as it cruises down the highway. The two-in-one exhaust gives the modern 1300 the classic Yamaha V Star look but with incredible gas mileage?you can get at least 200 miles of open road riding between fill ups. When you?re riding for a long time, one of the first things that you can be thankful for is the large dish shaped seat. The seat offers you terrific comfort and cushioning, but still lets you to reach the ground easily. You can find backrests for the bike on eBay if you have a passenger who likes to ride with you. The Yamaha V Star bike is a gorgeous ride, there?s no doubt about that. Whether you prefer the newest model or a classic, when you climb onto the back of the V Star, you don?t need much to enjoy the freedom the bike gives.