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About Yamaha Stratoliner

In 1940, the aircraft manufacturer Boeing released a 45,000-pound passenger aircraft called the Stratoliner. It is apt that Yamaha's biggest cruiser motorcycle, named after the huge plane, is called the Yamaha Stratoliner. There is nothing small about this bike. It has a powerful 1854cc air-cooled V-twin engine with electronic fuel injection. It produces 89 braking horsepower and an enormous 114 foot-pounds of torque. This is enough to make your knuckles turn white as you hold on during acceleration. It is also physically big and imposing, at 102 inches in length and 725 pounds in weight. There are big, four-piston brakes to bring it to a stop, and an adjustable rear shock to deliver a smooth ride. This is hidden under the engine to give the Yamaha Stratoliner a classic hardtail look. The two-piece seat design is comfortable for both you and a passenger, even on long journeys. And on those long trips, you can go through 4.5 gallons of fuel before you need to refill. The bike is available in different models, including the heavier cruiser Yamaha Stratoliner Deluxe. Find your perfect bike in the large inventory of all models available on eBay.

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