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About Yamaha SR500

Tough and authentic, kickstart motorcycles have a reputation for their classic look and feel, even if starting them up is a bit of a challenge. The Yamaha SR500, and its little brother the SR400, take that stereotype and turn it around, however, by offering riders an easier kickstart experience. This bike is easy to notice thanks to its classic look, reminiscent of the Universal Japanese Motorcycle (UJM) of the 1950s and 1960s. Also of note is the Yamaha SR500 engine, a single-cylinder, four-stroke, air-cooled, two-valve SOCH. Its 499cc size is slightly larger than the lower-displacement SR400. Another distinguishing feature is that this two-passenger bike also sports cast aluminum wheels capable of holding tubeless tires. Since Yamaha ceased production of the SR500 in 1999, the sellers on eBay represent a rich outlet for Yamaha SR500 parts, as well as full versions of this classic motorcycle. While the convenience of an electric start is hard to deny, the authenticity of a kickstart bike has its place in the heart of any real biker. The Yamaha SR500 not only offers this incredible experience, but it offers a classic look and feel that makes kickstarting your bike only the first best part of every ride.

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