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About Yamaha Raider

No one is going to mistake the Yamaha Raider for a Harley, even though it is also a big, long, and low-slung cruiser. The Raider is a custom version of the Yamaha XV1900A that measures 36.4 inches across and 101.2 inches long, so it easily qualifies as the largest Yamaha bike in production. Its 1854 cc air-cooled four-stroke V-twin engine delivers 89 horsepower. This engine has a novel combustion chamber that improves gas flow and reduces the jarring vibrations typical to big V-twin engines. There is also a five-speed transmission married to a belt drive system to make the Raider quieter and easier to maintain. With such quiet power, it is easy to push the Raider past cruising speed. To protect yourself from the rush of wind, you do need the optional Yamaha Raider windshield. Compared to the stock XV1900A, the Raider has a lower seat, longer forks, wide rear tire, and an impressive black finish around the engine. To showcase the black, be sure to keep the Yamaha Raider chrome parts bright and shiny. Find out how well the Yamaha Raider compares to the best Harley-Davidson by choosing one from the wide selection of cruiser-type motorcycles on eBay.

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