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About Yamaha R1 Parts

The stacked gearbox and other Yamaha R1 parts revolutionized the craft of sports motorcycle construction. When Yamaha introduced the R1 in the late 1990s, it was unbeatable on motorcycle racetracks. Over a decade later, an original R1 is sure to have needed some repairs along the way, although in the interim, there are multiple possible upgrades you might choose to install to keep your speed demon screaming down the asphalt. Model year 2000 Yamaha R1 parts include the hollow chromoly shift shaft with an extra bearing, which was an improvement to the transmission design of earlier models. Among model year 2003 Yamaha R1 parts, there are the headlights and hazard lights that remain on any time the engine is running, which is a valuable safety feature to consider when riding on public roads. Parts from 2004 or later include the R1 Ram Air intake, which uses the air pressure generated by the bike in motion to increase engine power. Whether keeping your bike in its factory configuration or bringing it up to date, the abundance of Yamaha R1 parts among the large inventory on eBay is sure to keep your bike at the front of the pack.

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