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About Yamaha Phazer

As a hardy weathered rider, nothing fazes you or your Yamaha Phazer. This snowmobile comes from the Japanese company, Yamaha Motor Corporation. It dates back to the early 1980s, but is one of Yamaha's most popular models. The Yamaha Phazer features a light weight with a frame deriving from plastic, aluminum, and even carbon fibers. Plastic and aluminum are among the lightest and strongest materials used to make snowmobiles. However, they offer a considerable amount of strength, making them ideal choices for performance-oriented snowmobiles, like the Phazer. Plastic and aluminum shed excess weight from the snowmobile frame, which comes in handy during close races. They withstand the elements too, standing their ground against snow, rain, and rust. You can find the Phazer in several editions. The lower-end trim, called the Yamaha Phazer FX, offers a powerful four-stroke engine and plenty of speed. It has independent front and rear suspensions and rides smoothly over surfaces with twin long, narrow front skis. The Yamaha Phazer MTX offers a suite of creature comforts, including an electric starter and integrated warmers on the handlebars. You can look for these snowmobiles through the large inventory on eBay, along with all of the parts and accessories you need.