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About Yamaha Outboard Motor

The same power and engineering that propels the most assertive sports bikes down the road can drive your boat across the water. A Yamaha outboard motor has the advantage of over three decades of innovation in the field and comes in a range of sizes and types for any boating scenario. If you pilot lighter skiffs or jon boats, or you want a bit of flexibility in where and how you use your outboard, a portable model such as the F8, an 8 hp Yamaha outboard motor, is a great option. Yamaha also makes a high-powered beast, such as the 250 hp Yamaha outboard motor, as well as mid-range options that give you enough power for recreational boating while still remaining clean and quiet in design. The company even produces prop-free jet-driven outboards for boating in shallow waters that might prohibit propellers. To get to know the entire line of Yamaha outboard motor options, take a look through the large inventory on eBay.

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