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About Yamaha Nytro

There is a reason why riders of the Yamaha Nytro pray fervently for deep snow. It is the best thrill you can have on two skids. Every year, the FX Nytro keeps shedding weight while packing more horsepower. This lightweight snowmobile has a high-performance four-stroke engine fed by an electronic fuel injection system. The Yamaha Nytro engine is a 1049 cc high-revving block from the brand's Genesis High Performance series that delivers over 130 horsepower. To squeeze every ounce of horsepower from that engine, Yamaha gave the FX Nytro a rear exit exhaust. This Yamaha Nytro exhaust uses a straight pipe design that not only improves the sled's performance but also minimizes the amount of heat produced under the hood. In addition, the rear-exiting exhaust helps distribute the Nytro's weight and, therefore, improves the stability and handling of the snowmobile. The redesigned Ripsaw track on the Nytro also contributes to its sublime handling. It provides sufficient traction without robbing the rider of the excitement of a little lateral slide on the snow. With the large inventory on eBay, you can easily find the Yamaha Nytro and make winter the most fun time of the year.

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