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About Yamaha Monitors

It all sounded glorious during your studio practice sessions, but when your rock band got onstage at the music festival, all of your hard work sounded flat. It was so heartbreaking that a rival guitarist felt compelled to advise you to replace your speakers with Yamaha monitors. A little research confirmed that the studio monitor speakers you brought to the rock show ruined your band's sound. While studio monitors pep sounds with a dash of bass and a sprinkle of treble, monitors, such as the Yamaha HS5, deliver a faithful sound reproduction everywhere and every time. While the HS5 has a 5-inch cone woofer along with its 1-inch dome tweeter, the Yamaha HS7 packs a 6.5-inch woofer and, therefore, delivers a deeper sound over a wider range of frequencies. You can find both of these monitor speakers among the wide selection of Yamaha monitors offered by reputable sellers on eBay. With one of these, you can be certain that the unique sound you mastered during practice will be the one your fans will hear.