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About Yamaha Enduro

You may consider yourself a top endurance athlete, but a Yamaha Enduro proves just as tough, still going strong since beginning production in the 1960s. These small motorcycles classify as vintage bikes. They come with smaller and narrower frames than you find on most bikes today, making them good choices for city roads and short-distance driving. Yamaha Enduros come with a two-stroke engine. They operate using a pedal-shifting manual transmission system, which has four speeds. As with most bikes, you can find a Yamaha Enduro motorcycle in different models. The Yamaha 360 Enduro is among the oldest Enduro models. This bike features a metal frame, considered cutting-edge technology at the time of its production. You can ride comfortably on this bike, thanks to a long foam-filled banana seat with a plush nylon cover. Two round reflective lights in the rear let motorists see you clearly and a wide square light in front helps you see. You can safely operate this bike using the brake levers on the handlebars, which also have rubber coating to keep your hands from slipping. Look for these classics in all years and models on eBay, where the large inventory offers many search options.