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About Yamaha DT 175

You might at first give the Yamaha DT 175 a passing glance. Then you find out that this motorcycle is one of Japan's automotive engineering stars. It also saved the motorcycle industry from collapse in the 1960s, filling a much-needed void in the category of off-road machines. With a new respect for the Yamaha DT 175, you want to learn more about it. This bike is on the small side for a motorcycle, which is ideal for dirt riding. It belongs to the broader DT family, which includes several other motorcycles and mopeds. This motorcycle features a slim and slender frame, giving it an athletic look and making it quick and light, ideal for traversing tough terrain and powering up steep, short hills. It has wide rubber tires with thick treads to help it stay grounded on the most testing terrain. A long banana seat, made of foam and leather, lets riders sit comfortably. V-shape handlebars with a rubber grip let riders enjoy a relaxed arm position while riding, and a small mirror mounted on the handlebars lets you see who is sneaking up from behind. You can look for a 1978 Yamaha DT 175 in the large inventory on eBay, or search for a model in any other year you please. If you like the looks of the 1980 Yamaha DT 175, you can choose that one too, along with parts and accessories.