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About Yamaha DT 125

There is nothing quite like feeling the blast of wind across your face as you jump, skid, and climb your way through the open countryside, and when you get the urge to go off road, there is one bike that delivers the adrenaline rush you are seeking. That bike is the Yamaha DT 125, a popular and straight forward dirt bike that offers plenty of fun for beginners and veteran riders alike. The Yamaha DT 125, being initially designed for cross-country and off-road biking, handles dirt tracks, slopes, and rough terrain with ease, thanks to the telescoping fork suspension on the front wheel. Although now an older bike, the two-stroke reed valve engine offers a comfortable top speed of 65 mph, which is more than enough for rough terrain. Thanks to the ease of riding, this bike still remains popular today, and that also means that it is easy to pick up replacement components. If you need a spare Yamaha DT 125 exhaust for example, then a quick check on the vast inventory on eBay is likely to yield numerous results, and you can find Yamaha DT 125 engines and much more to keep you riding as long as possible.