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About Yamaha Blaster

Jumping hills, the wind in your face, the thrill of riding an ATV should not be limited to only those with the money for large, expensive models. In fact, the entry-level Yamaha Blaster represents the perfect marriage between the excitement and power of a single-cylinder 200cc ATV and cost-effective recreation. First developed in 1988 and sold new through 2006, the Blaster enjoys immense popularity among novice ATV riders for its affordability and easy-to-modify package. In fact, the two-stroke Yamaha Blaster engine is among the simplest to enhance, with many owners offering aftermarket improvements to buyers that include larger displacements for enhanced power. Other aspects of the Blaster are also conducive to customization, which leaves a rich market for compatible parts, such as carburetors, suspensions, nerf bars, and easy-to-apply snap-on Yamaha Blaster exhaust packages. The sellers on eBay offer fully modified ATVs along with many of the accessories needed to complete the job at home. If you are ready to enjoy the freedom and thrill of an all-terrain vehicle, the cost of a large and powerful model does not need to stop you. An affordable, easy-to-modify package, the Yamaha Blaster is a great entry-level answer to your needs.

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