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About Yamaha Big Bear 350

Imagine yourself pounding across the gravel, with the roar of the motor and your own laughter ringing in your ears on a sunny day. This day can be yours soon, thanks to a Honda ST90. Honda is well-known for producing impeccably crafted motor vehicles, and the ST90 is no different. This mini bike is a favorite among off-road enthusiasts as many locales do not permit it for street traffic due to its small size. The Honda ST90 still puts out nearly 100 ccs, impressive for its small size. The Honda ST90 frame is sturdy, and more than capable of taking on the sort of heavy usage that comes with rough roads. The top speed of the ST90 tops out at around 45 miles per hour. You can find plenty of Honda ST90 carbs, parts, and full working bikes by browsing through the large inventory on sale on eBay. There, you can find everything from impeccably clean and souped-up bikes to projects waiting for a knowledgeable hand and eye to guide the Honda ST90 back to its former glory.