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About Yamaha 426s

When hitting the dirt tracks, whether your purpose is racing, jumping, or just cruising around for fun, it can be difficult to find a benchmark dirt bike highly renowned for its cross and motocross capabilities. However, with the Yamaha 426 and all of the features that this bike presents, bikers from around the world have considered this to be the model that took the motocross world by storm. Featuring a 426 -cc single-cylinder, four-stroke engine within a lightweight chassis, this 105-kg motocross bike uses soft and light valve springs to help the Yamaha 426 engine produce improved throttle response, as well as quicker revving capability. Furthermore, the Yamaha 426 uses advanced, innovative forks and shocks to help to reduce friction and to create a more pronounced bottoming feeling, as well as minimizing unsprung weight in the rear of the bike. Whether bikers are looking for their next motocross bike to help them in the next big competition or whether they simply need a new Yamaha 426 exhaust or motor, they can ride on over to eBay to browse among the many new and pre-owned Yamaha 426 bikes and parts from a range of reliable sellers.