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About Yamaha 250 Outboard

You are looking for real speed when cruising across the bay, and you have your eye on the Yamaha 250 outboard, but you are not sure if your boat can handle all of that power. The Coast Guard has issued very specific guidelines. Powerboats built after 1972 have a U.S.C.G. safety plate, so check yours carefully before purchasing. It is never a good idea to overpower your boat, as it can cause damage to the hull. Your insurance company also may refuse your claim if you have ignored the rating on the plate. Bay boats and skiffs for use on saltwater for over 50 miles from shore could benefit with a Yamaha 250 outboard motor, so you are not spending all of your time getting out on open water. These motors can propel boats up to 24-feet long at speeds over 50 mph, so a four-stroke Yamaha 250 outboard motor is a good investment for small yachts. It goes without saying that you need this kind of power for water skiing and wakeboarding. Browse the vast inventory on eBay for a Yamaha 250 outboard and get out on the water faster than ever.

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