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About XXR 530

You have a great car but it should have wheels that, on their own, turn people's heads. You easily accomplish this with XXR 530 wheels. They are made by the Californian manufacturer XXR, and there is a vast inventory available on eBay. They have a deep concave web-effect design that looks stylish. It is a design that is modern and has a European feel. There is also plenty of brake clearance. This means you can use the XXR 530 wheels on cars with big brake calipers, such as the Mitsubishi Evo. XXR is known for making wheels with quirky wheel offsets, and the 530 is no different. You can also get various bolt patterns, including XXR 530 5x100 and XXR 530 4x100 wheels. The lug nuts are tuner-style. The wheels are available in standard sizes including 17 inch, 18 inch and 19 inch. All sizes offer precise fitting of tires so that you get as much rubber on the road as possible. Staggered fitments are available. The main colors that are offered include a deep matte black, a glossy chrome black, and gold.