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About Xperia T

If it is good enough for James Bond, it is probably good enough for you. The Xperia T looked mighty cool in that scene in "Skyfall" when everyone's favorite spy received the text message that set him on the path of revenge. If you expect the "Bond Phone" to be impressive, then you will not be disappointed. There is a dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor beating at the heart of the Sony Xperia T. This 4G phone is also equipped with a 13-megapixel camera and a 4.55-inch HD display made from a scratch-resistant, shatterproof sheet of glass. This slim, sturdy, and powerful phone may be shaken, but it will not be stirred. If you want to avoid signing a cell phone contract or simply desire the freedom of roaming with your phone, you should get an unlocked Sony Xperia T. With the large inventory of Xperia phones offered by reputable sellers on eBay, finding an Xperia T is only a click away. And if you choose a convenient shipping option, you will soon have your license to thrill.